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The Windrush Generation Legacy Association (WGLA) pays tribute to the Windrush generation through a permanent collection of stories from loved ones. This collection meticulously details the experiences of the Windrush generation, offering insight into their lives and contributions. Additionally, WGLA has set up a unique exhibit named “Gaan a Farin” that recreates a front room, dining room, and bedroom to reflect the period’s living spaces, providing a tangible connection to the past.

The exhibit is continually updated with new items, encouraging repeat visits with the assurance that visitors will always find something new to discover. WGLA also extends an invitation for contributions to the exhibit, seeking specific items like the iconic pineapple ice bucket and birds in flight wall art to enhance the display. This initiative is a testament to WGLA’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the heritage of the Windrush generation for future generations, making it a living and evolving homage.